English by legal and business professionals for legal and business professionals and students

English is crucial for the modern lawyer and business person. In these tough economic times it is the firm, the individual and the student with a confident and competent use of English that will succeed in the workplace, gain that promotion and get that job. At ELABE our team of dedicated English instructors will help you gain the edge over your rivals. Our clients include:

Baker and McKenzie Lawyers Universitat Ramon Llull (ESADE)
Cuatrecasas Abogados Fornesa Abogados
Universitat Abat Oliba CEU Assessoria Diagonal


Whether it be Teaching of Legal English Skills (TOLES), Business English Certificate (BEC) or International Certificate in Financial English (ICFE) examination preparation, courses in legal and professional English from beginner level to advanced, tailor made courses specifically for your needs, intensive courses or private classes we can accommodate your wishes and give you the key to success. Our instructors are all qualified and experienced lawyers and business people, qualified and experienced English language teachers and native English speakers. We only teach professional English for professionals and students.